5 acres of bugs in North Carolina

Hello friends!

I recently purchased 5 acres of land in NC, the previous owners moved away 5 years ago and nature has moved in and taken over. There is massive overgrowth that we are slowly eliminating. We are on a 15 acre lake with a good amount of fish. I mention the fish because I understand they will eat mosquito larvae in the lake. There is no other standing water that I am aware of on MY property, though I don’t know about adjacent land. We have a massive mosquito infestation that I don’t know how to get rid of. We can’t walk outside without getting swarmed. They are the mean kind, they leave large welts and are the spawn of satan himself.

I’m hesitant to call a professional exterminator due to the acreage and associated cost. I know I can get mosquito dunks to put in the lake, though I don’t know how effective they will be since the lake is so large.

I am going to build several large bat houses to help…

Aside from napalm, what is a good budget friendly method of reducing the mosquito population? I’ve heard there are plants that keep them away, but I don’t know how many I would need to plant.


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