Can’t put photo in title post need help identifying fly and how to stop them.

I have these Flies as soon as it starts to get cold. I thought it may be something in my house, I ripped my house apart inside and steamed every single spot there was. I thought maybe they are coming from the heater ducts. I put double cheese cloth over them. I sealed my doors, windows. I went in the attic thinking something was dead up there. I sealed off every room. *this narrowed my search. * the bathroom and kitchen is where they are coming from. I sealed all the walls at the pipes. Summer hit and they left. We had our first cold day and they are back. I walked into the bathroom and lifted the lid and two files came out. I don't know if they are in there, or the plumbing, I poured acid down the tub, sink they poured boiling water down them. Still have them. I have killed about 30 in the past 24 hours they are back.

House history- Moved in and noticed tons of flies figured since it wasn't rented for a long time it wasnt an issue. I found out the bathroom had a broken pipe at the tub, I repaired it. This area has a very high water table. And we do a lot of landscaping and gardening. I did notice a few maggots in the mulch, I ended that with insect killer and did the lawn, garden, flower areas with mulch. Went under the house and emptied a bag of incest killer under it. (not a fog but grain style.

I sealed the attic.

I'm at wits end. I contacted a friend who use to work in pest control. He said I dud everything he would have said to do.

I sent nest the house and noticed the floor houses in the bathroom have rotten and someone decided a single 2×4 would work to hold it all together.

Do these things breed in rotten floor joists? I can't fog the house (I want to) because to small animals I have. (yes I looked for small animal poop, didn't find any that I didn't know existed like in the cat box, and there wasn't any files in that room.) I sealed every room off by closing the doors and they fit tight. They don't leave the kitchen or bathroom unless they escape when we go in or out.

I have had fly strips, bug zappers, and a bug zapping fly swatter.

Seriously need some help.

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