Mice in a Pacific Northwest crawlspace

Howdy all!

Looking for some help with mice in my crawlspace. I live in a single family home in a populated subdivision in the Snohomish County area east of Seattle for reference. We have a large walnut tree on the property with numerous squirrels and crows breaking open walnuts this time of year (food source?). We don't store anything in the crawlspace (approximately 30' x 40'), I have verified the vents are OK and we do have a heavy black vapor barrier on the ground.

Anyhow, noticed a scratching sound under the ground floor a few weeks ago in the quiet of the evening as I was getting ready to head to bed. Got under the house and did notice some evidence of rodents (sporadic droppings, and some small tufts of insulation over by where I have been hearing the scratching). There is not a terrible smell (more musty than urine I think). I am hearing the activity on the other side of the house from where the crawlspace entry is.

Actions taken so far were to put some d-CON poison bait stations around the crawlspace. One near the entrance in the corner, one under the area I heard the chewing and one in the other back corner. I also set some Victor snap traps with peanut butter by the entrance and have caught 3 or 4 grey mice so far. All was quiet for a few days so I cleaned the traps, and tried to seal up the crawlspace entrance and left the bait stations. Fast forward to yesterday and I hear scraping under the floor again. *sigh*

So yesterday I cleared some low vines and plants that were growing along the foundation (I hear rodents like cover) and am wondering what next steps should be? I was curious if the peanut butter traps were drawing mice in being so close to the crawl entrance? I have not been under to look and see if the poison bait stations have been chewed on yet (the green bait is sealed in plastic inside the trap and I just put out as is).

I think I will go under and check and move the poison bait to closer where I heard the scraping. Should I start setting out peanut butter traps again? I was also thinking of putting in a battery powered Ring floodlight so I could surprise them with motion activated light and maybe see where they are coming from? Really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks so much!

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