Paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets. What are they doing at this time of year, and how can I rid them in the attic for Winter tasks?

I see that paper wasps and other stinging bugs of the kind are making larger nests than I've seen before and some of the holes in the nests are filled white. I hear that they become dormant, or dead, in the winter. What are they preparing for right now and is it a crucial time to fight against them to prevent such bad swarms next year – like are they vulnerable right now?

This Summer we couldn't enjoy the outdoors. There are just way too many wasps flying around for us to be peaceful. I'm thinking that at this time, I can kill many of them, knock down their nests, and then prepare for next year by planting or using things that keep them from nesting at these areas. Because a few flying around gathering resources are expected, but I need to try and prevent them from nesting in those places. I was thinking about using mint oils/plants and a few other tactics I came across to prevent them from nesting.

The big, annoying, and scary problem is that once it cools down this winter (I'm way south Louisiana so it won't get too cold) I have to run neutral wires down to all of my switches in my house and I know for sure that their largest nests are in the attic, especially near the box-ins where I am most vulnerable and be spending the majority of the time. How can I prepare for this task, or should I have little worry about it during Winter? I am terrified of doing this coming Winter because of these pests.

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