it’s late right now and i was just thinking how crazy the world around us is. We have to pay for resources provided on this planet for us and even if let’s say you wanted to grow your own plants you even have to buy the seeds! Why do we have to buy the plants that grow from the ground? How can they make a PLANT illegal. Why are we paying for water? For what for them to “clean” it for us but in reality just put whatever chemicals in it they want and we wouldn’t even notice. How the world is set up is crazy to me. We’re born, stuck to live going by someone else’s rules and believes until we die. We can’t even trust our government! it’s just a big pot of lies so they can make us believe they’re trying to better the country when it reality they’re using our tax money, associating in crimes, pedophiles and rapists are ruling our country!? There’s so much more messed up about how we have to live in the land provided to us I could go on forever and ever

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