This is the astral plane, you’ve been here before and if you have experienced astral projection you know this place well

You have just died. Was life a dream?

If you have strong attachments it may be difficult to pass on. You may cling to your loved ones. Travel is difficult on this lower plane. It will feel as if you are moving through thick water. If you focus on your home or places you know well you can travel to them.

You can see family members, though often they will appear distorted, their features obscured. If you a strongly connected to someone you may see them more clearly, but it is better to pass on.

You can dwell here for as long as the will is strong, but you will be better served to trust that the next phase is better. When you have released these attachments the judgement phase will begin. Here you will relive every moment of your life in reverse. It is like a living film.

Every thought you have ever had will be rethought. You will see all of the things you've done and all of the things you could have done. Unless you've led a particular saintly life this stage will come with deep regrets. It will be unpleasant but you must allow it to happen. When it is over you will be better for it.

When this phase ends you may ascend to the Sun. Some call this place Heaven, some call it Elysium, the Field of Reeds, some call it the Harvest. It is a realm in which all your Earthly desires can be met. If you had a dream home you'd hoped to live in it may be there. If you had pets that passed on they may be waiting for you. If you had friends and family you had attachments to in life that have passed on they will be here should you want to see them. It is a state of min, outside of time, but it is also quite physical. Plants, animals, cities, mountains, forests, seas, all of the things in Earth exist here in various places. Everything is full of "correspondences" to one's Earthly life and current mental state. You will sleep, you will work although not for a living per se. You will eat and drink and make love.

At night, you will dream up your next incarnation half a galaxy away.

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