What are y’alls thoughts on this? Any research supporting this? Video by Dr. Berry


In this video Dr. Berry talks about:

Nutrient density: Agree

Carbohydrate intake: "Unlike protein (amino acids) and lipids (fatty acids), there are no carbohydrates essential for human life that the body does not produce. Therefore, modulate carbohydrate intake based on how your body responds to them (i.e., if you experience inflammation or other health problems, try reducing your carbohydrate intake)." Agree to an extent. Food sensitivity: Agree Satiety: Agree Fasting: Agree Ancestral appropriateness: "Eat mostly foods that humans have eaten for millions of years, such as fatty meats, organ meats, and some plants. Be cautious of foods that humans have eaten for only thousands of years, such as grains, dairy, and alcohol. Avoid foods that humans have only eaten for tens to hundreds of years, such as vegetable/seed oils and highly-processed foods." I have no clue where to start on this… truly, as in I don't know if there's any truth to this or not. Any thoughts? He talks about the vegetable oils and while I know that "vegetable" oil isn't good, there are many fantastic fats in canola, safflower, and olive oil. Avoid factory products: Agree, but also some processed foods are really there for convenience of nutrition, so when possible go natural but it's often very difficult to. Adequate minerals: No thoughts Avoid fad diets: "The ketogenic diet may seem like a fad but it is actually well-documented in cultures around the world over the course of history. In contrast, modern dietary recommendations have only existed for a few decades and are largely influenced by politics and lobbying." Thoughts on this statement? He also calls pyramid and MyPlate a fad diet made by "big dairy, etc". MyPyramid was indeed a mess, but MyPlate, and especially Harvard's version have been vital in helping people. Sugar addiction: Agree Price vs quality: "High-quality products are more expensive than low-quality products. Buy high-quality foods when you can afford them, but recognize that even a "low-quality proper diet" is typically healthier than a non-proper diet." Don't agree with the expensive comment, but definitely the quality comment. submitted by /u/RobertXuDang [link] [comments]

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