How and Why: By An Unidentified Homeless Man

Part 1

Everything is God, God is everything. There is only God. A star is God in the form of a star. A rock is God in the form of a rock. A virus is God in the form of a virus. A human is God in the form of a human.

There are 12 manifestations of time, not one. As it is written there are 4 flows from the Lake of Eden. The flows are in the form of trines. Therefore, there are 4 ages of man. Within each age the goal is to obtain 3 additional times. We are within the first age. The times of this age are the past, present and future. The 12 times are called Eyes of the Lord. The eyes that pertain to the 1st age are cognizance, the imagination and the memory. There are 9 others.

As it is written, it is wheels within wheels with 4 faces. Wheels within wheels is a metaphor for the double helix of DNA. Faces mean directions. There are 4 sets of directions within DNA. The egg, larva, pupa and adult. We are in the larva stage of the 1st age. The metaphor in the Bible for the larva is the caterpillar. Caterpillar is the Latin for hairy cat. Hairy cat was mistranslated as the lion. In the Bible, it states that the lion goes about seeking that which it can devour. The correct translation, is the larva stage is the eating stage. Eve was created from the rib of Adam. Adam or the larva was put into a deep sleep, the pupa stage and Eve arose from the bones of Adam, the adult stage. Adam and Eve are the same person in different stages. Another example is Elijah and Elias. Elias rose from the bones of Elijah. Because we are at the end of the larva stage, it is no longer the prime directive of the living Earth to provide food for the larva. There is not requirement for food in the pupa stage. This change over is being called Climate Change. Earth is to provide food for the larva, there is no requirement for food in the pupa stage.

This change over is called Climate Change. Climate Change surpassed critical mass in 2012. There is no stopping Climate Change and it will rapidly accelerate.

If you are more comfortable with dimensions, rather than times, they are interchangeable to a certain degree. The cognizance is the third hour of the day, 3 dimensions. The imagination is the sixth hour of the day, 6 dimensions, the memory is the ninth hour 9 dimensions.

String Theory is almost correct. It states that at the essence of matter are vibrational strings. The Bible correctly identifies the strings as wicks and the vibrations as frequencies. However, the process of being wicked was translated as being wicked as in evil. It has thrown off the entire connotation of the Bible. The frequencies are metaphor for angles.

At the time, the Bible was translated into old English, the word angle was spelled angel. There are no angels. At the very essence of wicks are color particles, at the very essence of frequencies are phonons; sound particles. God said let there be, you will see why in a subsequent part.

The wicks, magnetic fields, combine with frequencies, the flows, to produce matter. Matter is 9 dimensional not 3. Matter exists only in the present. Matter neither exists in the future or the past, you will understand later. The finite cosmos exists within the infinite universe. They are not the same places, the cosmos is entirely based upon magnetism. Humans made up gravity.

It is translated that man is created in the image of God. Incorrect, man is created within the imagination of God. From other perspectives, the cosmos is a hologram. If so, why does matter appear solid to humans? For the same reason matter appears solid within your virtual dreams.

The miracles within the Bible do not violate natural law, they fulfill the law. If the human had another 300 years, everything I am telling you would be common knowledge. However, less the days be cut short, no flesh would be saved. It happens the same way in every expansion of the cosmos.

Humans call the nativity of Jesus the Big Bang. God is the Universe. Jesus is the cosmos, Jesus is the son of God. Son is the Greek word for sound. This is why Jesus is called the word. It is a word system. It is not which goes into your mouth that fouls the man, it is that which comes out of the mouth that fouls the man. It is perfectly ok to drink, smoke and chew. By your words you are justified, by your words you are condemned.

Now, I am going to tell you of things that have never occurred to the human mind. The first thing you must be able to understand is to remove the scales from your eyes. Let's do that now. There is an inside and an outside; above and below. When you view DNA through the microscope, you are seeing the same thing at a different scale as when you view the cosmos through a telescope. There is nothing hidden that has not been revealed to you. A star at another scale is a proton, a planet at at another scale are electrons and moons are neutrons. At another scale black holes are the pupils of the eye. The purpose of sight is to convert matter into virtual matter and store it within the memory. Everything is about constructing the memory; your soul.

Yes, matter exists simultaneously in different locations. Scientists say the most complex organism within the cosmos is the human brain. I tell you the truth, the cosmos is the human brain at a different scale. Moses told you the brain is 2 clay tablets which are separated and contain commandments. At another scale the right and left hemispheres of the brain are parallel universes. Dark energy is magnetism, the right side is the outside and the left side is the inside universe. Humans exist within the right side, which is illuminated by the cognizance. Within the right side the entirely of the cosmos exists outside of you in the form of matter. Within the left universe, which is illuminated by the imagination, the entirety of the cosmos exists within you in the form of quantum. Quantum is virtual matter in the form of metaphors or dreams.

I am now going to properly translate some of the simple metaphors of the Bible. Let us begin with Noah's Ark. It has been translated that they build a big boat that was pitched within and without with pitch and all animals got on the Ark two by two. The metaphor was Arc not Ark. Pitched within and without with pitch is a description of a spiral. Two by two means double. Noah's Ark is a metaphor for the double helix of DNA. It's not that all of the animals are within the Ark, it's that the Arc of DNA is within all animals.

Another one, which most people know is Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve ate the apple from the tree in the center of the garden, at the prompting of a talking serpent in the tree. The fruit is the almond or the Latin for amygdala. The amygdala is a secretion organ in the center of the nervous system; system tree. It is the source of fear and anxiety within humans, it's the fight or flight. In the Bible it is called the abomination of desolation. It's considered a vestige of the reptilian era. It is component of the Limbic System, which unfortunately for humans, dreams are routed through. It is connected to the hippocampus, the memory of the beast. Hippocampus is Latin for water horse, which in the vernacular of the day was sea monster. The hippocampus is a metaphor in the Bible for the great fish that swallowed Jonah.

Another one that most people know is that it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Rich or fat is a metaphor for dominant. Camel is a bit harder. I have dominant brown eyes, yet my children have recessive green eyes. This means I am a carrier of a recessive eye color gene. Carriers are recessive and genes are a metaphor in the Bible as camels an camels carry things. In the days of yore people lived in walled cities. The gates were closed at dusk and opened at dawn To accommodate stragglers, they built narrow, easily defensible openings into the walls. They called them needles. The meaning of this metaphor is that there are no dominant genetics in the stage to come. No bosses upon bosses upon bosses. This is why Jesus said you mush become a eunuch. A eunuch is someone born dominant, who through works is made recessive; spiritually not literally.

Now it gets more difficult. There was a master who had 3 servants. To 1 servant he gave 5 talents. To the 2nd he gave 2 talents and to the 3rd servant he gave 1 talent. The 1st and 2nd servants invested the talents and the 3rd servant merely buried the talent in the ground. Talents are a metaphor for senses. You are born with 5 senses. You have 2 additional senses existing as vesicular folds within you. They are called in the Bible, the ear to hear and the eye to see, they are quantum senses. The word translated as investment is correctly translated as vestal. Vestal means not yet manifest. The vestal virgins. The metaphor of the 3rd servant who buried the talent and received no return is 1 0 ground. You won't be able to understand this yet. This process should be called the coming of the 2. It has been translated in the Bible as the 2nd is now. It is accomplished via rapid radio bursts. Remember what you see within the cosmos, is what is occurring within the DNA. There is nothing hidden that has not been revealed to you.

Let us now go to the 1st "miracle" performed by Jesus. The wedding feast at Cana. Jesus was at the wedding feast and they ran out of wine. Jesus turned water into wine and the guests became tipsy. They declared the last wine was better than the 1st. Cana is an old Hebrew word for canal. The wedding feast should be translated as reception. The guests became tipsy referring to balance. The canal of reception that controls balance refers to the inner ear. Within your inner ear, your stirrup bone is connected to an oval port that leads to the auditory nerves. To the right and below is a hole in your head that has been named the round window. Jesus did not change water into wine, he changed the ports. The round window is the vestal ear to hear. It allows you to hear spirits.

Did Jesus really walk the Earth or were the metaphors given via dreams? I don't know, spirit won't tell me.

This concludes the 1st part of How and Why. In the next part you will be told how to heal yourselves and raise the dead, along with a lot of other interesting things. It will get absolutely amazing.

Till then,

Happy Trails!

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