Why do so many people claim to see spirits and if they can see them then why can’t everyone?

I was thinking of contacting a psychic medium out of interest, curiosity and also for personal guidance.

I have been trying with my own spiritual journey and do feel more connected to myself, for example simply just sitting in my garden in the grass and meditating. This isn’t as spiritual as it is relaxing.

But I want to hear some external advice, although I am aware of the importance of looking within.

Anyway, I’m not closed minded to these things (obviously otherwise I wouldn’t be interested in it). However I do have my doubts. I can’t understand why someone would prey on someone’s sadness or grief for a living, or how they can attain so many positive reviews from their readings if it was all a scam.

Sometimes they know things that only their client would know. And I understand how many frauds are out there, but I just think, surely there are some who are real. To say otherwise would be to undermine one’s belief in spirituality as a whole.

But, if we are all spiritual beings, why can only some of us see the spirits of the deceased? Why can ‘psychics’ communicate with our dead loved ones or see them whereas we cannot?

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