Tiny black insects in my house, mostly toilet – what are they and how do I get rid of them?

Hi guys, for a while now (a few months) I kept finding tiny bugs flying around my house in varrying numbers despite window screens installed, any idea what they are and how do I deal with them? I've tried taking photos of them, but it's pretty difficult to get a decent photo of something that small, even more so after I've squished it.The things are about 2-3mm in length (idk, 1/12-1/8 of an inch?), black, can fly decently fast (maybe not as fast as a fly but faster than a mosquito), flying around the house or laying dead in pools of liquid (been finding them in the pools of water in the bathtube, sink and on wet soap). My mom loves flowers more than any sane and rational person would and has a TON of them in her room, could it be they are breeding on those plants or inside the flower pots?Any help would be great, I'm losing my mind over those little flying shits, recently I've started placing their dead bodies as trophies over my toilet locker to prove my point that we do in fact have an insect problem that needs to be dealt with and I'm not just "seeing things", over the last week or two I've killed over 50 of them. "Fun fact" – I got anxiety and I. HATE. INSECTS. OH YEAH I forgot to add – I live in northern Europe (Poland), so around the same climate as uttmost northern US states or south parts of Canada.

best photo I managed to take

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