DIY School Supplies! 10 Easy DIY Crafts for Back to school! Hacks & Pranks.

Diy School Supplies for Back to School! No need for back to school shopping or haul when you can DIY school supplies yourself! In last back to school video I made DIY school supplies food hacks and candy. Now it’s time for easy DIY school supplies and crafts for teenagers. Perfect DIY school supplies for elementary, high school or college. This back to school hacks DIY video includes DIY school supplies notebooks, pencils, school bag, pencil pot and much more! These are not DIY edible school supplies but still very fun to DIY!

DIY panda school bag! Well – inverted panda school bag πŸ™‚ I transformed a black school bag into a beautiful bear / panda one. All you need to make it are two fluffy pom poms and some felt!

For the DIY feather pencils you need some eraser pencils and colorful feathers. Remove the eraser from the pencil. Apply some hot glue to the opening and stick in a few feathers. Pencils like this are so expensive to buy. Our DIY pencils on the other hand are super affordable.

DIY lip balm crayons are so very convenient and can also be used for a little prank on your teachers and classmates. Melt the crayon and pour the liquid into an empty lip balm container. This easy DIY craft is so easy and fun to make so you need to try it out!

Recycle a chips tube into a pencil case! This idea is super unique and easy to make! Wrap some fabric (denim, knit or cotton) around an empty chips tube. Decorate it however you want – I went for some iron on patches and two pieces of pom pom ribbon.

DIY monster notebook is such a cute and easy DIY priject! All you need is a notebook, a monster printout, fur fabric and some mini pom poms. The notebook takes only a minute to make and looks spectacular!

DIY snake pencil stand! The epic DIYs you can do with a piece of clay! Yes, to make a gorgeous DIY snake all you need is some clay and a pencil for the tool. The pencil snake will look lovely on your desk and is a perfect DIY school supplies organization piece.

Who doesn’t love a unicorn notebook? I certainly do. Notebooks like this are so expensive to buy so we need to DIY it. All you need is some fur fabric, colorful felt and artificial flowers. I love how this DIY notebook turned out – absolutely stunning!
Use mini pringles tube to create a pencil pot! You can decorate it however you want, but since I love anything fuzzy and fluffy, I decorated it with a fuzzy sock. Add a pair of googly eyes to make your DIY pencil pot even cuter!

DIY paint dripping pencils! This DIY is so much fun to make. Take plain pencils and make them all gorgeous using a bunch of colorful nail polish. I love nail polish DIY crafts and this one is definitely one of my favorites!

Feeling sleepy in class? The eye glasses DIY will help you out for sure. This one is really fun and also a great one if you want to pull a little prank on the teacher. All jokes aside – make sure to go to school well rested and make the most of it!

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Disclaimer: This family friendly video is made for teenagers and adults. Tools used in the tutorials include hot glue, crafting knife and other objects, which are not suitable for people under 13 years old.

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