Phorid flies problem. House plants?


We are having Phorid fly problem since we moved into this apartment in February. We are really sure they are Phorid flies, not fruit flies or fungus gnats. We never find the breeding site and we've done everything we can.

Keep the apartment clean, treat the drains, keep the drains plugged, use metal mesh to cover AC vents, check the floor under appliance, have the pest control specialist come to spray, put out traps, seal the fridge door gaskets, clean the drip pan…

The infestation is not that bad now but we still see them here and there. This makes me think they are either coming from somewhere I can't reach (e.g. in the wall) or my house plants.

All the information I found online says that they can breed on "Overwatered house plants". I do have house plants but I never overwater them and I always let the top 2 inch soil dry out between watering. I never let water accumulate in the saucer either. How likely they are breeding in the soil? I never find larvae in the top few inch of the soil. Can they live somewhere deep in the soil?

We're moving in a week and don't want to bring any pests with us. Is the indoor plant soil a possible way to bring them with us?

Thanks in advance!

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