Phobia of garden gnomes and those ‘scenes/displays’ in some shops and theme parks

So I have a fear of gnomes and those displays with those garden gnome like figures/ or fantasy figures. You can find them in some shops like garden centres, theme parks etc. I’m not afraid of dolls or clowns, just those figures from old children’s books or something. It’s not even that I’m scared I just become VERY uneasy, agitated, and I just think it’s so SO cringey that I just have to leave. Especially when it’s a larger display with like little houses etc. I’ve always just avoided it but my bf is into theme parks/ Disney/ going to garden centres when the X-mas displays are on, so he took me with him and I had a big freak out. Wtf is wrong with me? He was really upset after because he is supportive of a lot of things I like and joins me in them even if he doesn’t like it, but I couldn’t do this for him. I needed to get out ASAP, and almost had a panic attack. They were all over the place, up, down, with little displays everywhere. It makes me sick.

Does anyone else deal with this, or something like it? And how did you get help, if any? Or do you just avoid it? I know it’s not normal.

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