Switch off your autopilot – it’s difficult to change your life when you’re unhappy and stuck in a rut but the place to start is in your awareness of the little choices in every moment you make without thinking

We go through our world, so used to making the same choices again and again, that it becomes very difficult to change things when we’re unhappy. But if we train ourselves to stop regularly, to be present and consciously make good choices rather than being on autopilot we can transform our suffering.

A bit of regular practice like a guided meditation is important – but you can also stop for a moment a few times through the day, notice your breath, become aware of what you can feel in your body, what you’re thinking and feeling. Training yourself in this way helps to raise awareness of the choices we have.

In mindfulness we call the decisions we make ‘watering the seeds’. These everyday choices can contribute to our anger, our happiness, our fear – just in the same way that if you choose to water certain plants in your garden, you’re choosing what your future garden looks like. Being aware of decisions and prioritising your wellbeing as the most important factor makes a huge difference over time. Peace in oneself, peace in the world.

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