Carpet beetle larvae. Have dog and tons of items in home… Wondering about my options

So, in my house I found carpet beetle larvae and shedded larva skin (some adults too, but they were all dead).


Have been living in this 2-story ~3000 sq ft home with carpet for 5 years House has items belonging to my family of 4 Due to various reasons including COVID, I am temporarily here by myself Have a dog since the beginning Have 60+ houseplants (not sure if it matters – think they were here before my plants) Pretty sure there is larvae in all rooms. Bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs, kitchen(hardwood) etc See both black colored ones and lighter (varied)


Last week, by chance, I discovered my bedroom was infested with larvae (under bed/desk, closet). So I put my belongings in containers, laundered clothes, removed furniture and wiped everything down, put down food grade DE and vacuumed, even threw out my mattress :(.

Then I found out the rest of my house is infested – at a quick glance of carpet, at least several larvae per room, even upstairs in the rooms farthest away from my room. I think they've been here for at least a few months.


How will I realistically be able to get rid of these guys, given that there are rooms full of my family's belongings?!… I can't even imagine how long it would take for me to l go through every single thing. Not that I won't do it, but it will take me literally months to clean everything up. Is it l possible to call an exterminator to help, without needing to move furniture/items? Or does the problem persist because I haven't found the source of infestation? What should I expect if I called pest control? I have a dog, so I dont know how I can do professional extermination in a pet/ human safe way. Any other advice obviously welcome

Would love input, THANK YOU for your help. This has been driving me absolutely crazy.

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