Best Tips For Growing Food Indoors in Winter + More Organic Gardening Q&A

John from answers your organic gardening questions including Best Tips from growing food indoors in the winter, growing food in shade, Should you buy beneficial insects and worms for your garden? Why don’t you like manure fertilizer? Can I use an animal feed to grow wheatgrass and microgreens, can plants that are bitter turn sweet if they were planted too soon? and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
01:51 How to garden with no rain most of the year and no access to irrigation?
03:47 Any tips on growing food indoors in the winter?
07:25 Would anything grow on a balcony that is shaded by a tree?
08:55 How to best store seeds to grow next year?
10:24 Where is the best place to buy beneficial insects? Is it worth buying them? Is it worth purchasing worms for your garden?
17:06 Why don’t you like/use manure as fertilizer?
20:52 How do I farm for a profit with No Money in LA?
21:48 Have you ever tried straw bale gardening?
22:22 Do you have yacon tubers for sale?
22:40 What is the best area in Las Vegas to move to?
23:40 Can I grow raspberries or blackberries in Las Vegas?
25:27 Have you considered an episode about breast cancer treatment?
26:33 Would it be worth it to buy a greenhouse to grow in the winter when it gets frost at night in winter?
28:17 Can I use animal feed wheat grain to grow wheatgrass and other animal feed for microgreens and sprouts?
30:06 Can plants that are bitter due to heat stress turn sweet if they were planted too early or will they always be bitter?
31:43 What is your opinion of Korean Natural Farming?
33:30 How to turn part of a schoolbus into a greenhouse?
34:32 Can we use one type of fertilizer for all our fruit and edible trees?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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