Rat Deterrent Options

I live in a city in a rented, garden level apartment. Today I saw a rat out in my garden area twice. It may have been a one off as while I’ve obviously seen them around the city, two years in this apartment and that was the first I’ve seen one. Our city has had an increased issue with rats as they’re installing a light rail and the process has upset a lot of nests and after hearing a few friends horror stories (one friends dog ended up in the ER after a rat attacked it) I want to be proactive if I can.

Calling an exterminator would be pretty ludicrous at this stage especially given how close my apartment is to a street corner, etc. The building I live in has landscapers that come once a month, they do a pretty decent job and I checked today, there doesn’t seem to be much debris build up (the rat ran behind a tree/bush, I peaked after the fact and its currently pruned enough I could see through towards the roots and it was pretty cleared out.) We also have feral cats instead of squirrels where I live so there’s a chance I could be overly stressing this after a single sighting.

That being said, I have a dog and a daycare business with infants around. From the stories I’ve heard from multiple people, I’m really not trying to add to the list of traumatic incidents lol Are there any smells, powders, sprays ANYTHING I could sprinkle around the garden door/garden area that may deter the rat from deciding it likes it here and bringing its friends? I should also add, while I’m the only one with a door accessing and who uses the garden, it’s not a private garden and technically belongs to the whole building (as half of it is where people’s gas tanks are) so anything I put out there has to be mindful of that setup.

Sorry this got long, just wanted to explain the situation and avoid people having to ask for details.

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