Advice on moving from a building with cockroaches

Hi everyone,

I live in an 4 storey apartment building in Ontario, Canada that has cockroaches. Looking at photos I am not sure if they are German or American cockroaches, they look quite similar to me. I don't know how severe the building infestation is, but I know I tend to see maybe a couple a week in my apartment at the most at varying ages (babies to adults). I have a clean apartment, take out my garbage daily and not leave dirty dishes or food/recycling out overnight.

That being said, I am finally moving from this horrible place to a small 5 unit building I am pretty positive is pest free. I am terrified of bringing a cockroach or eggs with me and making my landlady hate me. Everything I've read said to inspect everything closely, pack only in big plastic lidded boxes (i.e., not cardboard), and leave behind electronics like microwave and toaster. Is there anything else I can do? I can't afford to replace every piece of furniture I own, but I am worried about my bookcases, shelving units, dresser, desk, etc.

I also read in some sources that you can leave items outside in cold weather to kill them off, or make poisonous bait with Borax mixed with sugar, but I am wondering how effective that really is considering cockroaches are so incredibly resilient.

What about my portable AC, tv, and speaker? How high is the risk, should I dispose of those, too? What about plants, do they burrow into soil? I have so many plants.

Any tips or tricks from seasoned individuals would be much appreciated. I want to leave this nightmare behind and I am so worried about it! Thanks.

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