3 Edibles You Should Never Plant on Small Lot Food Forest Vegetable Gardens

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you the 3 plants that he regrets planting in his residential small lot front yard food forest vegetable garden. You will learn why you may want to plant these plants in your specific situation, but why they did not work in John’s specific situation.

In this episode, you will learn from John’s 11-year experience in growing food in his front yard residential food forest. You will discover the 3 plants you should never plant, 3 plants you should be cautious about planting, and 3 plants you should definitely plant in your food forest garden.

First, John will share how his front yard garden has been growing since the start of the Covid Pandemic.

Next, John will share from his experience on how some of these edible plants grow and how much they yield.

First, John will share the three plants he would not plant again.

Next, you will learn the three plants that you should be cautious about if you choose to plant in your garden.

Finally, you will learn the three edible plants you should plant in your residential food forest garden for maximum harvest and production with little work.

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