An Urgent Message From Spirit | 2021 – The Year Of Grand Transition

Greetings, dearest awakened ones. And by that, we are referring to every single person who has chanced upon this message, at this time. For, as you all know all too well by now, there are no such things as "coincidences." ONLY Orchestrations.

So, as all of you are all well aware by now, the year 2021 is officially the year of the Grand Transition. The year of the Grand Revelation. Or the year of the Grand Culmination, if you so will. You might consider this as being a time when your civilization officially enters the Age Of Aquarius. Or more specifically, when you, individually and collectively, enter deeper into your chosen time-lines for the said Age Of Aquarius, in question. And thus, we ask that you all heed the following message very, very carefully. Or not, it's all upto you, here.

MESSAGE ONE – DO JOIN THE END-OF-ERA GLOBAL PLANETARY MASS MEDITATION: To begin with, we would urge you, one and all, to join the Collective Planetary Mass Meditation for stabilizing the positive timeline for the Age of Aquarius, to take place at 18:22 HRS G.M.T. on the 21st of December, 2020 – the very date of the Winter Solstice. As a matter of fact, the greater the number of participants joining in for this cause, the more powerfully stabilized and anchored in will be your (desired) timeline. The better will be the (resulting) futures for ALL OF YOU, again, individually as well as collectively, here. You can READ THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS for this meditation in the video description for this video, or CLICK HERE TO VIEW/LISTEN the guided meditation/s for doing the same. To get the appropriate Time and Date conversion for this specific meditation in accordance with your local timezone, it is suggested that you VISIT HERE. (Note: If any of you need guided meditation videos in your respective local languages, a quick search should do the trick. If not, feel free to PM me for the same.)

It is highly suggested that you call upon and invite ALL of your higher level teams (Spirit Guides, Spirit Councils, Higher Selves, Guardian Angels, Angels, Archangels, Soul Families, Galactics, Deceased Friends and Family Members, Inner Earth-ers, Ascended Masters, God etc.) to assist you during this meditation, and ask them to INFINITELY AMPLIFY your intentions / energies for you, and add their own energies to it here as well. Because they simply CANNOT do this without your express FREE WILL permission. For, as we said earlier, the more (POWERFUL that you all intentionally make this meditation), the MERRIER! Also be sure to put out the intention that your energies only (and ONLY!) be used for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. This prevents ANYONE (of lesser light) from (mis)using your energies, basically.

MESSAGE TWO – MUST-DOs BEFORE THE WINTER SOLSTICE: PLEASE use these coming few days (leading up to the Winter Solstice — on the 21st of December, 2020) to set the very HIGHEST of intentions for the reality that you'd like to experience (hereafter). AND for the reality that you'd like your near and dear ones to experience heretofore. AND for the reality that you'd want your entire planetary family, your Earth collective to experience, in the near future to come and beyond. Because EVERY SINGLE BENEVOLENT INTENTION of Individual and Collective LOVE, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Abundance, Prosperity, Healing, Health, Creativity, Freedom, Self Expression, Truth, and ONENESS, goes a long, LONG way in setting up that future IN STONE. For you, as well as for all those who truly, deeply, MATTER TO YOU. Be it humans, plants, and animals; or your air, your water, your land, and your skies. For YOU are the WHOLE AND SOUL CREATOR of your DESIRED REALITY. Always KNOW that.

KINDLY NOTE: The day of THIS SPECIFIC WINTER SOLSTICE will basically 'LOCK IN' your intentions for your DESIRED future, as well as LOCK YOU IN into your DESIRED TIMELINE of preference. Go make the most of it, and try to achieve your highest possible vibrational frequency prior to this date AS BEST as you possibly can!

MESSAGE THREE – ASSISTING HUMANITY DURING THE GRAND TRANSITION: The days to come, from the end of this year to the first few months of the New Year, can be EXTREMELY CHALLENGING for many; ESPECIALLY SO for the unawakened human populace. Please, please, PLEASE hold space for them and be kind to them (wherever so possible). Assist them wholeheartedly (IF they ask for it) to the degree that you can quite possibly manage in here (without burdening YOUR-SELF in the process, that is), and spread the Love and Warmth and Support-iveness and Kindness and Compassion and Understanding AS BEST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, during this time. Again, only SO LONG AS this doesn't become a problem or a burden TO YOU. Forever remember the age-old wisdom of our Airline Safety Announcements: "Kindly put on your OWN oxygen masks FIRST before even as much as ATTEMPTING to assist another. The announcement (wisdom) exists for a (damn good) reason.

Most of them have ZERO CLUE as to what's even going on upon this planet of ours right now (even as we speak,) let alone what's coming (to say the least); and they WILL MOST CERTAINLY need your assistance in this regard at this time WAY MORE THAN YOU CAN EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE, at this point. PLEASE do not neglect them. Just ignore their level-of-awakening, political affiliation/s, religious background/s, race, gender, or what-else-have-you and help them out. After all, they're ALL members of your beloved spirit family ultimately, you see. Please do not leave them hanging in this time of their greatest need.

MESSAGE FOUR – HOW TO MAKE LIFE SUPER-EASY FOR YOURSELF HEREAFTER: Yes, this DOES INDEED need saying for some of you. As a matter of fact, it needs saying so for MANY of you reading this. Please, please, take care of YOURSELF as much as you POSSIBLY can, during this time. Take AMPLE rest. Drink water. Eat healthy, energising food. Again, take ample, ample, AMPLE rest. If your lifestyle does not allow you to get adequate time for resting, try taking quick short breaks during work, etc. wherein you can just sit in peace, close your eyes, RELAX EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE IN YOUR BODY INDIVIDUALLY, and do NOTHING. Also, go look up instructions or YouTube videos (Guided Meditations work wonders) for something known as Yoga Nidra (or Yog Nidra). Works wonders for the body, the mind, AND the soul, that too, all in ONE GO and EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Take GOOD CARE of your body. For indeed, is it your DIVINE VEHICLE. Treat it well. Give it light exercise. Or a massage. Or an energetic massage. Or a combination of any or all of the above. Take care of your mind by de-cluttering it, and only and ONLY focusing upon stuff one thing at a time; according to the priority of the thought / task at hand. Spend less time worrying, and more time having FUN. Yes, FUN. Because FUN and CELEBRATION are the energetic frequencies that will ensure your smooth-est transition into the Age of Aquarius, and beyond.

Smile more. LAUGH more. Connect with nature. Connect with dogs. Or cats. Or even with a potted plant! Hell, even a fake fur animal will do. Anything that makes you feel all happy and fuzzy and warm and comfy inside WORKS WONDERS! Focus less on the negative (the news, the tragedies, the sob stories, the forever sad / angry / scared types of people etc.), and MORE on stuff that makes you feel GOOD and WARM and COMFY and LOVING and truly HAPPY. Because THAT stuff is HIGH FREQUENCY. And that the Law Of Attraction will only and ONLY bring you more and more and MORE of whatever it is that you truly (and continously) and CONSISTENTLY FOCUS ON. Use that to your FULLEST advantage here (or end up perishing like the rest). YOUR call!

A HELPFUL NOTE: In my own personal experience, even viewing YouTube videos of epic tourism destinations, or GIFs of cute animals, or videos of nature; or listening to healing (Tibetan?) music, instrumental music, or soft instrumentals in general…or any COMBINATION of the above elements thereof, works WONDERS in keeping your vibe / frequency really, REALLY high. Same goes with watching videos of Stand Up Comics. And same goes with any and ALL forms and manners of personal creativity and creative expressions…be it writing, sketching, playing music, writing poetry, or whatever it is that works best for YOU! Just GO DO IT! and you'll see what I meant soon enough! 🙂 🙂

MESSAGE FIVE – THE EASIEST, MOST POWERFUL SPIRITUAL TOOL IN YOUR KIT: Practice staying within the FEELING of experiencing gratitude / simply being grateful towards life, AS MUCH AS YOU QUITE POSSIBLY SO CAN. Start by expressing the highest amount/s of gratitude for but the TINIEST of things. Having eyes to see. Having feet to walk. Or just an internet connection to connect with the rest of the world out there — even during these times of great loneliness no less. Or just what-else-have-you. You'll see miracles unfold if you do this on the regular, I PROMISE you this.

MESSAGE SIX – THE GATEWAY TO MAXIMAL SPIRITUAL EVOLVEMENT: This might well be one of THE MOST important ones on this list. Forgive. FORGIVE. And FORGIVE. And forgive AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. PLUS unconditionally at that. Forgive yourself. Forgive those who are about to be exposed for their misdeeds. Forgive the lost ones. Forgive those who have committed dark and heinous acts. Forgive ONE. Forgive ALL. For it is only the MOST EVOLVED of spiritual beings who are truly ever really capable of FORGIVING. Real talk. And UNCONDITIONALLY FORGIVING one and all at that. Your Jesus Christ was one such example, if you recall. Also, please note that forgiveness here does NOT absolve beings of their own positive / negative Karma. Just frees YOUR OWN ENERGIES from holding in all of that negativity WITHIN YOURSELF, you see. A kind of deep-seated, deep-routed energetic negativity, that then, in turn, ends up simply MAGNETIZING negative situations, energies, people, accidents, sickness etc. into your life (that too by the Law Of Attraction no less). So forgive freely and FORGIVE FULLY. Beginning with forgiving YOUR-SELF here FIRST!

LAST, BUT BY NO MEANS THE LEAST, please, please, PLEASE SHARE the above message with AS MANY PEOPLE as you quite possibly so can in here! Share it on your Social Medias and in your 1-to-1 conversations. In your forums and in your spiritual groups. In your chats and in your community gatherings. In your meetups and even within your family get-togethers no less! As also in your causes, and your very festive celebrations! SHARE THIS MESSAGE FORWARD MOST GENEROUSLY, for (most of) you have no idea really as to WHO ALL YOU MIGHT EVEN END UP HELPING / BENEFITING in here, and that too as a DIRECT RESULT of doing so no less!!! In fact, there's even this truly beautiful ANIMATED SHORT FILM regarding all of this in here, and that too, for your eyes only! Go give it a look 🙂

I humbly thank you all for reading. And, as a bonus for even making it this far, here are three of my most favourite videos on the sheer POWER of Gratitude! Enjoy them all! And, as always, freely share 'em. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gratitude Changes Everything by Errol Gerson

An Experiment In Gratitude by Soul Pancake

The Gratitude Antidote by Kurzgesagt

P.S. DON'T FORGET to set your alarm cocks RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW for the Global Winter Solstice Planetary Mass Meditation, lest you forget to show up for what is quite possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT Planetary Mass Meditation of your very lifetimes! (Not kidding about that fact, by the way). Here are some useful TIME ZONE CONVERSIONS for the same! Cheers! And enjoy the ride! :)))

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