What are these bugs? And how do I get rid of them? Going insane here!

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/WQuCujy

I'm located in BC, Canada.

These little flying bugs first appeared in our house maybe 2 years ago, and were completely isolated to one bathroom that has a skylight. Sometimes the bugs would lessen in volume, but would always come back.

Now, starting maybe a month ago or so, they are everywhere, and god are they annoying. I always have 2-3 in my office downstairs flying between me and my monitors. We put sticky traps all over the house, and they catch a ton of them near the houseplants, and will catch a few of them eleswhere around the house like my office, but they don't work very well, as I always have 2-3 flying around me and my monitor.

In addition to the photos I took of them (that is as close up as I could get the photos unfortunately, with my phone), here are some properties of these bugs:

They are similar to fruit flies, but different in that they are far faster than fruit flies (like 2-3x faster), and don't seem all that concerned with food/fruit, which is quite odd. They also seem not as "fat" as fruit flies.

They often fly into my face and aren't scared to fly around me (whereas fruit flies usually try to keep their distance).

I put out an apple cidar vinegar trap for them for a couple days, and it didn't catch a single one, although I didn't put a lid cover with holes on it (because in the past, with regular fruit flies, I found that that wasn't even necessary), but I did just add a cover with holes now to test that out.

I have a high suspicion that the houseplants, which are a recent addition to our home, are somehow helping them breed and/or attracting them, but am not sure what they'd be eating exactly. The sticky traps we have set up catch a lot of them by the houseplants… perhaps they just like the constant watering of the houseplants, and eat something in the dirt or something?

They don't seem to bite.

My partner seems to be in denial that they are related to the houseplants because she doesn't want to get rid of the plants, but what do you guys think? And how can I get rid of these suckers? It's so hard to use my computer because these guys are so annoying!

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