I need help with my aunt, I’m sure she may be very depressed

My aunt is in her early 40s. This aunt raised me and my three siblings since our mom had to work and currently of course still lives with us. Im 20. Me and my siblings are all older now so there isn’t much “raising” left to do. The youngest one of us is in 8th grade. The thing is she has no degrees, no job, no partner/biological children. And progressively in the past couple years she has expressed how we all don’t need her anymore and therefore don’t care about her anymore. I guess we were her literal sole purpose in life but now she probably feels like she has no purpose.

She literally breaks down crying almost everyday and genuinely feels like all of us don’t care about her and don’t even want her. This has been for years. I am always emphasizing to her how important she is to us and how any behaviors or ways we treat here are literally equal to how we treat our mom and our other aunt, both the positive and negative behavior. Any argument or negative tone we have with her she instantly takes it as an attack on her and breaks down. She has told me on numerous occasions that she swears if she owned property somewhere or had a single ounce of money she would just pack everything and leave the country, work in a low paying job in some other country alone just so she can be doing something.

She stays up late at night till like 5am watching shows or on social media. She wakes up around 2pm and lounges around the house. Her two main hobbies are making food and her plants. We’ve signed her up for a gym membership and recommended taking some for of classes. I’ve told her why don’t you start some sort of project. But she just seems so hopeless and pessimistic about it all. I’ve also recently recommended therapy or at least opening up to me and telling me what’s bothering her more in depth.

I am so beyond worried. I am certain she has some form of deep depression and I’m so worried she might be suicidal. I love her and care about her so much and try everyday to show this love but I know the only solution is for her to find purpose in life. Please what should we do? She speaks only Arabic and we live in the UAE, so dating especially older isn’t a big thing here and she hasn’t shown any interest in pursuing education.

I need any ANY form of support and suggestions please.

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