How to Grow the Sweetest Kale & Other Leafy Green Vegetables

John from shares with you his 10 tips that will allow you to grow the sweetest kale and other leafy green vegetables.

In this episode, you will learn the 10 tips you need to know to increase the sugar content, mineral content, and nutrient content of the kale and other leafy green vegetables that you grow.

You will discover the most important factors that are critical to implement if you want to grow the sweetest kale in your garden.

You will learn tips in this episode that you never heard about on youtube before that will enhance your gardening skills and help you grow even more nutritious kale and other leafy green vegetables.

You will learn 10 tips that should be used together to grow the sweetest kale
Plant the Right Plants
Plant at the Right Time
Balance the Soil
Proper Sun Exposure
Water with Clean water and the Right amount
Use trace minerals both insoluble and soluble
Use Microbes to activate minerals and organic matter
Weekly Foliar Feed
Soil Drench Monthly

You will discover some of the different fertilizers, inoculants, compost teas, rock dust, worm castings, fungal compost, and more than John uses to achieve his growing results.

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can grow the sweetest kale like John by using the same techniques that he does.

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