Artful Rose Necklace – Flowers-to-Wear Tutorial creating Contemporary Flower Necklaces for Florists

Artful Rose Necklace – Flowers-to-Wear Tutorial creating Contemporary Flower Necklaces for Florists.

Elevate your flowers-to-wear offerings by learning to create contemporary necklaces. Watch as Erik takes Oasis aluminum wire, hot glue, cold glue, stunning ‘Princess Aiko’ garden roses from Alexandra Farms, miniature calla lilies, and a few textural finishing touches to complete this stylish floral necklace.

Materials used: Oasis aluminum wire, metallic wire, and bullion floral adhesive, hot glue gun, Leaf shine, stainless steel surface, jewelry making pliers, ‘Princess Aiko’ roses (AF), miniature calla lilies, coral hypericum, and small succulents.

Step 1: Create a tight round swirl of aluminum wire with multiple rows of concentric circles using jewelry making pliers. Swirl the opposite end of the wire in the same fashion. In the middle create another swirl or two. “Foldout” the circles from the center in a variety of directions to begin your necklace armature. Create additional pieces until you have reached your desired overall design and size. Attach them together using metallic wire. Next, create the wire that goes around the neck using an additional length of aluminum wire with swirls on each end. Make it appropriately sized to fit around the neck. Attach the neck wire to your base structure using metallic wire and set aside.

Step 2: Oil your stainless steel surface liberally with leaf shine. Set neck armature on the surface and drizzle with hot glue to create the desired effect. Edit overall shape as needed by trimming away the excessive glue.

Step 3: Attach miniature calla lilies to base structure feeding them through the armature and securing them using bullion wire as needed. Add ‘Princess Aiko’ garden roses to the armature using Oasis floral adhesive. Glue in a variety of small succulents as well as hypericum to complete this modern and unique floral necklace.

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