Spirituality is neither a religious system, nor a philosophy, nor a culture!

Spirituality is a living natural function of the human being and is part of his consciousness. It is therefore independent of any religious belief. Religion was created by humans for the purpose of understanding, but also with the goal of controlling spirituality and dominating other humans. Religion is made up of dogmas and rules, while using hierarchies, punishments and chastisements – none of this is provided for in TRUE spirituality.

TRUE spirituality simply EXISTS – it does not have to be invented, it existed long before the birth of mankind, just like the vibrational and energetic world. Man only had to discover this invisible world and try to understand it. Spirituality is also one of the things that sets man apart from animals or other living beings. Spirituality consists in recognizing the existence of our true "I", of our essence, of our Soul, by allowing ourselves to be guided.


To be spiritual is to recognize that our essence is not our body, but that there is something higher that makes us a complete being.

Spirituality is also the recognition and acceptance of the probable existence of a universal (or higher) Energy. It is about accepting the fact that Man is not at the peak of spiritual existence, but that there is a creative energy that surrounds us and that is omnipresent.

Every living being is part of it and thus, we are all united energetically: humans, animals, plants, even inert nature like stones and water. We are all in a permanent vibratory evolution, and the existence of this universal Energy is logical and necessary: ​​we could not exist without it, but neither could it exist without us and all the living Souls of ( s) Universe. Perhaps this is a reflection to be made regarding the vibrational expansion of the Universes – is it possible that the energetic evolution of Souls (which are growing in frequencies) may impact this vibrational expansion?


Generally, it can be said that a person begins to vibrate spiritually from around 36,000 to 40,000 BU. Below this threshold, we can see that his spiritual interest is very limited or even non-existent.

When our vibratory rate increases, our view of the world changes drastically. Our horizon widens and we begin to take an interest in topics (also energetic or spiritual) which did not touch us much before.

We begin to understand the correlation between the physical, energetic and spiritual planes. We begin to understand why things are happening the way they are, and not otherwise. And we will finally also understand our role in this global game. And it is exactly this understanding that automatically brings us to deep satisfaction that brings us peace and acceptance.

It is therefore about the discovery of another dimension of ourselves, of a luminous, powerful and fantastic part, which only asks to be developed by experience.

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