Nearly commited suicide less than 10 minutes ago

Over the past few months, my mental health issues have been quickly worsening, my schoolwork has plunged to an all time low and my hopes for a future have all but vanished. As a result of this, my head has filled with thoughts of ending it all, which brings me to tonight, over the course of the night the thoughts slowly got worse, my own brain kept telling me that no one would miss me if I did it, that I didn't have a future or anything to look forward to in life, then I seemed to decide I was doing it, and decided the best way to end it was to jump from my bedroom window and try to land on my neck, so I jumped onto my windowsill and proceeded to open the window, at this point I started to think of the few good things in life, and decided to back out, closed the window and got off the windowsill, honestly at this point I'm not sure what to do, the suicidal thoughts are staying and I'm starting to wonder how long it'll be before I decide to do it but I don't back down.

Things could have gone very differently tonight, my street could have woken up tomorrow with me dead in my front garden.

Unfortunately my issues and the suicidal thoughts are refusing to leave me, and I'm trying to hang on, but it's getting hard.

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