So I meditate most nights (it's how I fall asleep). I have always had an interest in crystals and I have never really liked the thought of "God". You know, like living by a book of set rules written for/by a single higher power. I really dont believe in any of that, and could never really understand it. Like heaven and hell, I dont believe that if you dont follow the "rules laid out by God" you will go to hell.

My own personal view is that, if we are made of the same things that make up nature/space/matter/energy/etc., then our souls can not be destroyed. (i believe our souls are some forms of energy, and if science taught me anything it is that energy can not be created or destroyed.) Therefore, when our physical bodies die, our souls can either do one of a few things ( i am open to other interpretations of these or new ideas in a whole).

1: our souls enter the body of a brand new lifeform (anything living including plants and possibly even man made things) 2: our souls enter a new dimension which is unknown to the human perspective, and only when our souls enter this new dimension are they aware that there are planes beyond what the human mind can perceive. Not everyone enters the same dimensions, multiple dimensions exist and souls can and will "ascend" or "descend" into different ones at different times. 3: if our souls have accomplished the meaning of which they were placed in our bodies to achieve then we ascend into the realm of the gods/goddesses. (yes many, like the ones from myths and shit. Example: Zeus, Hecate, Aphrodite, Hera, Poseidon, and so on). Where our souls now exist to worship and serve a God or Goddess.( Doing idk what this is one I havent thought about a lot.)

So to recap, I meditate, I LOVE crystals and I don't feel I have a traditional view on the after life.

I do believe that everything in life happens for some reason of another, that time is only what we percive it to be, emotions are meant to be felt and we should embrace them even the terrible ones as they are part of being human. I believe that there is some form of afterlife that the loved ones we have lost can still reach out to us when we need them. We can even communicate with them if we open our minds. I believe in Chakras and how we can open our third eye.

So im here asking for help on what I should read or even what my daily practices should look like as a spiritual person.

I have read about Mystics and I am very interested in that as I believe I may be a natural Mystic. I feel I am having my spiritual awakening and I have no idea what I should be doing.

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