On-Trend Wedding Vignette Floral Design Tutorial – Top Wedding Trends for this Year

On-Trend Wedding Vignette Floral Design Tutorial – Top wedding trends for this year include the ever-important micro weddings, utilizing flowers and accessories in soft pastels and grays, lots and lots of texture and mixing of floral materials, and the use of candlelight in way of groupings of lanterns, taper candles, or hanging candlelight. In this video, Erik shares how to group great Melrose products together to create an impactful wedding vignette perfect for an intimate micro affair.

Melrose products used: 2 Cream Ceramic Candleholders- 18” (lantern) 2 Gray Ceramic Candleholders-14.5” (lantern) 2 Cement Chevron Pots -9.25”, 4 Cement Chevron Pots 8”, 2 Assorted Chevron Pots 5.75, 3.25, 4 Simplux FIA Flame LED Candles.

Additional materials used: Oasis floral foam, glass inserts, chicken wire, bay foliage, Italian Ruscus, magnolia, knife blade acacia, chrysanthemums, carnations, hydrangea, veronica, scabiosa, dendrobium orchids, sweet peas, stock, eryngium, tweedia, hanging amaranthus and peanut butter tree (Clerodendrum trichotomum).

Step 1: Group lanterns, and containers together in a balanced asymmetrical formation. Ball up chicken wire in the largest container. This will be a waterless foliage design. Layer a variety of greenery into this container including bay foliage, Italian Ruscus, and knife blade acacia.

Step 2: Set glass inserts into additional containers and place floral foam presoaked in floral nutrient water into each vessel. Allow space around the foam as a water reservoir.

Step 3: Place hydrangeas into each pot using the water reservoir space so they drink well.

Step 4: Insert a variety of greenery in each of the other vessels. Add carnations, veronica, scabiosa, and peanut butter tree branches.

Step 5: Add sweetpeas, stock, dendrobium orchids, eryngium, tweedia and hanging amaranthus into each container. Finish by placing chrysanthemums strategically in focal areas of the grouping.

Step 6: Place FIA Flame LED Candles into lanterns and turn on with remote to add that warmth and glow.

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