The Moon is not what you think – (Part 2)

The Moon is not what you think! – Part Two

The thing I think is the most interesting for those people that identify the Moon as a planet, is the absence of its presence in our earlier stages of evolution. People that were around in times where the Moon was nowhere to be seen were known as the Pro Celanese which translates as “those that were before the moon”. Legendary civilizations such as the African Zulu tribes and the Columbians both clarified the absence of the Moon not yet existing in the heavens above. They say that the Moon itself was brought here from far away by non-terrestrial dragons. How do we best translate this ideology when the ancients weren’t accustomed to modern forms of technology in their hunter gatherer habitat? Do they mean literal dragons or could this have been mistaken for rocket tech, just like how the “fiery chariot” may also be mis represented in The Bible. Could they be confusing dragons for combustion or were they giving a physical description of a form of reptilian species?

The Zulu legend also speaks of the Moon as an egg with its yolk removed, a hollowed out, spherical structure. Their wisdom and knowledge also extends to the cataclysms that came immediately upon the Moon’s arrival, once stabilised within the Earth’s orbit. These stories actually match up with the historic version and timeframe of key incidents on our planet, 150-200 thousand years ago where cataclysmic events such as The Great Flood wiped out humanity. The repercussions of these global catastrophes left but only one ancestor remaining in what geneticists call Mitochondrial Eve. In spiritual literature this has been echoed through the ancient Sumerian texts and reinforced in the Book of Enoch/Dead Sea Scrolls.

The question is, was the Moon predominantly responsible for what happens to us on Earth in the times of these apocalyptic events? Many have hypothesized that global cataclysms like The Great Flood could have been caused by the planet X or Nibiru, the Annunaki’s home planet and not the Moon. They theorise that the heat and radiation emitting from the planet could have played a part in melting the Earth’s ice caps and glaciers on its 3,600 year cycle return in orbit, thus raising sea levels and causing various tsunamis worldwide. This in my opinion, hits a bit of a sticking point as the last huge global flooding event happened around 11,600 years ago in the time of Atlantis. If Nibiru was the primary contributor, wouldn’t we have experienced these disasters every 3,600 years?

I personally believe that it was a group of malevolent beings that developed and used vibrational and sound technology in the times of Atlantis that caused the last major catastrophe, thus affecting the poles of the Earth and heavily distorting the magnetic field of the planet. They called this Protiktah, a sound vibrational technology that was so immensely powerful that it could have turned both people and cities to dust. The Atlanteans used this technology to attempt to achieve world domination, fighting over portals with the Lemurians. Many now believe that this technology still exists today through the Ark of the Covenant which was used dating after the times of Atlantis. The biblical story of the collapsing walls of Jericho is a classic example of how this advanced technology was used post the Atlantean period.

Some Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Plutarch reinforced the ancient knowledge of a time before the Moon, but add that there were cataclysms that occurred without the Moon present. Could the arrival of the Moon at a time of a major cataclysmic event just have been an addition to our current matrix? Maybe it was used as a tool to rectify where man got too consumed by the reptilian part of the brain. And maybe, it helped manipulate our consciousness after such a tragedy had occurred in “The Grand Experiment” to help accelerate the evolution of our planetary species with altered mind programming? This next section of information may provide us with answers to these intriguing questions.

What is the Annunaki’s relationship with the Moon? The father of civilization for the Atlanteans was known as Thalan in those times. We identify Thalan in Greek mythology as Poseidon, the protector of the seas. Some say Poseidon is indeed Enki, the master geneticist who worked with the seeding and creation process of the modern man with the Acturians. He also fused chromosome 2 which spawned the empathy gene within our biology, giving further evidence to his benevolent nature, and his will to protect humans from his Annunaki family who wanted to use people purely as slaves for their mineral mining operations. Thalan developed a break away civilization on the Canary Islands initially and protected these families through the seas. His technology could manifest turbulence within the oceans to prevent the more negative Annunaki from crossing the seas and attacking the people of the Canary Islands.

Thalan was given responsibility over both the Indian Ocean as well as the southern regions of Arabia and the Persian Gulf. In this region lies the most important portal in the world, called Athura Mazda or what we could refer to today as the Oman Peninsula. As Thalan or Poseidon was in charge of the most important portal on the planet, he could enscribe all the information between both our Sun and Moon onto our lands. This portal was connected to the main portal of the Sun, the one where all the spiritual information from the heavens could be downloaded through this Oman Peninsula portal and reach what we know as the Garden of Eden in the Persian Gulf and Iran.

All this powerful information of the Sun could only be downloaded and understood here on Earth through the energy of the Moon. In Atlantean times, the Moon was called Inku, which meant protector, the one that protected Earth. Inku brought this balance of both the feminine and masculine energy to our subconscious mind. This indeed is our purpose here on Earth as humans, to balance these two energies equally in our psyche. Thalan’s expanding civilization were taught that the Moon was the energy of water and that it was connected to the water. Thalan was in charge of decoding all the information from the Moon on Earth through the water. Since our blood is made up of water and we need water to survive, we are constantly consuming and circulating information from the Moon into our bloodstream through a steady flow of holographic code. This is why in Astrology the Moon relates heavily to water and more specifically Cancer, a cardinal Zodiac sign. It also represents how you express your emotions.

So…..what about the reptilians on the Moon. That’s a topic for another day! Thank you to everyone that has read both parts of this article. Please take whatever resonates with you. Remember, we all have different opinions. Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. We are all striving for the same goal which is truth. Be kind as you exchange ideas. Much love!

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