How to Make Compost 2x Faster with FREE Cardboard

John from shares with you how you can make compost up to 2x faster by using free cardboard. You will discover how cardboard can be used to help you break down your food scraps up to 2x faster.

In this episode, you will discover why John stopped buying and using wood pellets in his joraform compost tumbler. You will learn how he uses cardboard and other paper products in its place. You will learn about how a high-security P-6 Shredder that shreds paper and thin cardboard into 1mm x 6mm pieces that allows you to create greater BSA (bacterial Surface Area) so compost will happen much more quickly.

You will discover some of the safe sources of paper and cardboard that John feels comfortable shredding for his carbon source in the desert where there are few trees with leaves that can be used for composting.

You will discover why he purchased a specific shredder to do this task, and why he bought a new shredder after 6 years of using a micro-cut shredder.

You will learn more about carbon to nitrogen composting ratios and why they are important; and the ratios of some commonly composted items including food scraps, sawdust and shredded up cardboard and paper.

You will discover how you can easily combine the proper amounts of carbon materials and nitrogen materials to get in the ideal range of C: N for optimal composting.

Finally, you will learn why John chooses to use joraform compost tumblers in his compost alley to turn his food scraps and cardboard into compost that he uses in his garden to grow next year’s food.

You will learn about some problems John has had with his Joraform composters and how Joraform has taken care of it in the past.

You will discover why John doesn’t need to add additional water to his compost tumblers and how he easily aerates the compost without having to fork it.

After watching this episode, you will learn the best way to use cardboard and other paper products to speed up your composting process. You will also learn the ideal ratio of Carbon to Nitrogen when composting and how that can be easily achieved using compressed wood pellets of finely shredded cardboard and other paper products.

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