Flea infestation pls help

Need help. We are being infested by fleas which started around December 26. We didnt put much attention on it cuz we thought whats bitting my sister was just mosquito but it never stopped. We sprayed insect killer (Baygon) and saw tons of fleas after on their floor. And now it spread all over the house. I live in a two story house with NO PETS and No carpet. I already got rid of all the plants infront of my house and installed insect killer light. What should I do next??? How can I get rid of them completely? Should I remove all the stuff in my room? What should I do with all my clothes? Is it okay if I just wash and dry in heat clothes that I always use? Or should I wash literally ALL? It's already taking a toll on me since me and my sister are the ones being eaten alive, we are 10 in this household. I tried putting container with water and soap but no flea jumped in. I woke up awhile ago with new bites on my right leg and when I chcked the mattress there was a dead flea. Please please help.

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