Bring the Garden to Mom: Floral Tutorial with Faux Flowers and Fun Products Bring the Garden Inside

Setting the scene in this Floral Tutorial with Faux Flowers and fun products create a bundle of great gift ideas for mom this year. And they couldn’t be easier when featuring some fantastic products from Melrose International.

Erik Witcraft AIFD shows how to incorporate whimsical garden gnomes, faux everlasting botanicals, and great gift ideas all together into an enticing retail display.

Melrose Products used: Gnome Welcome Sign-42.5”, Gnomes 2 Assorted-27.5”, Wood/Steel Trays-17.75”, 16.5”, Galoshes –pair of 2, Faux Materials: Geraniums, Dahlia- 22 assorted, Anemone Bush, Mum Bush (English daisies), Berry Spray(Crabapples), Mini Fern Spray, Eucalyptus Spray, Seeded Eucalyptus Spray, and Potted Ferns-14.5” Assorted.

Additional materials used: Pan-melt glue pan and glue pillows, Tray insert, Sahara dry foam, dried vines, dried branches, and preserved moss.

Step 1: Position gnomes, galoshes filled with geraniums, and a tray filled with faux potted ferns to establish a vignette. In a large Tray, set gnome to the front of the tray and set a tray over the top of his feet to hold it in place. Glue Sahara foam into the tray (you can use multiples pieces if you need to) Cover foam edges with moss and then layer dried vines and branches over the top in a loose organic way.

Step 2: Bend and shape crabapple branches in a natural way and glue and insert into the design allowing them to extend tall with the gnome. Add seeded eucalyptus sprays into the base of the design, also shaping as you go.

Step 3: Form and insert mum bushes (English daisies) in groupings throughout the base of the design. To create a lifelike quality, each of the faux botanical materials that you add should be inserted to mimic how they grow in nature.

Step 4: Glue, shape and insert the faux dahlias into your design. Gluing these blooms is essential as they will be top-heavy and you will want to place them tall as they grow in the garden!

Step 5: Finish the design with additional foliage materials such as the fern sprays and eucalyptus to cover and conceal any remaining mechanics.

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