Important Changes to Our 2021 Seed Sale

Here on the farm, the team and I are back after a restful holiday break and are busy getting everything ready for our big seed launch on January 5. The ladies have been hard at work packing seed, taking inventory, filling up our seed racks, and getting all of our mailing supplies prepared. We’ve also spent a great deal of time mapping out exactly how we will fulfill the many thousands of orders that we’ll be receiving in January, while providing the safest work environment possible for our family and team.

In years past we’ve welcomed a big, temporary “launch team” to help fulfill orders as quickly as possible during our busiest times. But this year that’s not an option, and our small but mighty team is going to have to manage this incredible feat alone. 

So I wanted to share some important updates so that you know what to expect as we head into our busiest time of the year.

Unlike previous years, we will NOT be releasing all of our inventory at once. This will allow our team enough time to keep up with the volume of orders and also hopefully help everyone get the seed varieties that they want. Please note: If a variety has a “Coming Soon” tag, we will be restocking it, and the best way to know when it’s back in stock is to use the “Email When Available” feature above the product description. 

Orders will take longer to process. With a smaller crew and the extended safety measures that we’ve put in place, orders will inevitably take longer to process. So if you need your seeds quickly, you may want to order from another source. 

Expect shipping delays. In addition to longer order processing times, the U.S. Postal Service has been experiencing increased shipping delays—two to three times longer than normal.

New international restrictions. At this time we can only ship seeds to Canada, Australia (50 packet limit), and the United States. Unfortunately, because of export restrictions beyond our control, we are unable to ship seeds to other countries. Be sure to check out our new resource, Floret’s Favorite Specialty Seed Sources, for a list of companies both here in the States and abroad.

I realize that these changes and delays may be inconvenient, and I so appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this unusual time.

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