Just wanted a share a lovely little moment I had today ☺️

I was walking outside during golden hour and was suddenly awestruck by a tree’s branches blowing in the wind. I couldn’t tell if the tree was moving, or if the universe around it was. I stopped and stood in front of it and was baffled at how extraordinary it looked. Its branches swaying in the breeze genuinely made it look as though the whole tree was breathing. I was amazed at how parts of it breathed and parts of it were still, just like a human in a deep slumber. It felt alive. Of course, trees and plants are all living, but I mean it felt alive, as if it had its own consciousness. It was magnificent.

I then kept walking and eventually found myself sitting at the edge of a lake. There were ducks sitting on top of it, leaves creating small ripples across its surface, and trees being reflected by the water. The ripples were fascinating to me, I don’t know why. I was in awe of how they obscured the reflections of the trees, of the clouds, and of the sun. I stared at these ripples for a while until it finally hit me—I wasn’t looking at ripples. I was looking at light. Everything I saw was light. It’s always been this way; I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. There was no separation between the lakes, the ducks, or the trees. It was simply all one source of light.

I don’t know how or why this is so beautiful. I thought I understood this universe, but I didn’t know anything. I can’t know anything. I’ve had epiphanies before that I thought I understood, but my head can’t be wrapped around this one. And that’s wonderful.

I strongly encourage every one of you to go out into nature and ponder your senses. Ask yourself the big questions. See what you discover.

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