What’s the best way to keep roaches out of a garden?

I moved to Arizona recently and in all the places I’ve lived previously cockroaches really weren’t something you saw unless you lived in unbelievable filth so suffice it to say, living here where they climb out of the drains every so often during monsoons, I’ve had a few shocks 😅

I started a small container garden last year in the yard of my rental but after a few weeks found that dozens and dozens of cockroaches had taken up residence underneath the pots where it was extremely moist from the drainage holes. I plan to start another garden this year but I have a lot of questions:

Besides elevating my containers off the ground, what else can I do to prevent cockroaches from taking over?

What’s the best way to go about mulching since that also creates a moist covered environment?

Will I have to use waist-height elevated garden boxes or can I still have a raise garden bed on the ground if I bury it an inch or so into the ground?

Sorry for all the questions! I’m having trouble finding good answers for these on the internet. I don’t normally mind garden pests but seeing all those roaches swarming together underneath my tomatoes last year….. 😰

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