This experience still confuses me. Advice needed

Idk if this is the right subreddit but So about 4 months ago. I was sitting in my closet with the lights out meditating. I was practicing deep meditation.

After letting my thoughts flow and past while focusing on my breath. My mind was blank. . I found myself in space in front of a very large being. I want to call it a “She”. This being was filled with plants and stars and galaxies. Like that was her body. It’s hard to explain. Like she had a shape but at the same time didn’t.

I wasn’t scared at all. I was extremely mind blown and curious. I couldn’t grasp with she was. She felt like a God or like a creator of life. Her present was so comforting. She had a surprised but yet happy “look”. Kinda like “awe you somehow found me” look. I asked her “what is this and are you life itself?” She didn’t answer with words but with “a vibe” is the only I can explain. I then asked her “what is Earth and what are we doing”.

That is the only part of this experience that I can’t remember. I can’t remember her answer. I just remember being shown a flash of the civilization of earth not knowing anything about this flash that was shown. Afterwords I was brought back to her. She like “smiled” and I opened my eyes and I was in my closet.

I was so mind blown and like extremely happy. I don’t know if that was just my own imagination or if that experience was real. It stills like bothers me in a good way. Anyone else had anything like this?

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