Things You Are Able To Do TODAY During Lockdown

Hello everyone!

As (mostly) every country in the World is under lockdown rules, it brings up the question, “what can we do?”, look no further, I have planned a list of things you’re able to do today!

As you sit inside the house for 24 hours a day, your Mental Health will start to deteriorate, so we must do something to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Down below, I will plan a list of things you can do today, and because of this, get your head out of reality for a few minutes/hours and start to enjoy life once again. Personally, I don’t want your health to suffer more than it already is, so if you have any time in the day, could you please consider one of these activities/points? 🙂

Stick your favourite film/tv-show/album on Start to bake! Exercise/workout Learn a brand-new hobby Learn a new language Learn a new instrument Read! Start writing your own journal Start completing a few jigsaw or puzzles Meditate Start dancing! Keep in touch with your loved ones Organise your house/flat/apartment – change things up! Help the vulnerable Volunteer Start your very own project Painting/colouring Spend time with your family Play with your pet Listen to a podcast Paint your nails? Make yourself a bucket travel list Nap! Watch some TED Talks Delete the apps that don’t do your Mental Health any good Join an online pub team! Sort your garden out/spend time in your garden grow some flowers Home workout! Yoga!

And much, much more! Keep your Mental Health intact. 🙂

Keep yourself busy. The more busy you are, the better it’ll be for your health. 🙂

Thank you!

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