MY gnats don’t like ACV traps!

Maybe a month ago I started noticing one single gnat flying around me when I'm working at my computers. They are drawn to the light on the screen and sometimes land on the wall behind it. Currently, I am seeing 4-5 gnats a day. Here is what I've tried:

-ACV + dish soap in a small dish with holes at the top, and in an old wine bottle. I will leave the mixture out for a few days and when I pour them out to refresh, maybe one has flown into it and died.-Pouring drano, bleach, boiling water down all my drains. Have not seen a difference, and I purposely close the drains in my bathroom when I am not using them so I don't think they are nesting there, nor in the one in my kitchen.

I do not have plants.I keep fruit in the fridge.I take my garbage out every 2 days.I don't open my windows.

I don't think they are drain gnats because they do not have those thick wings and hairy looking bodies. Fruit flies I don't think because they don't fly around the trash or food. The only other kind to my knowledge are fungus gats but again no plants so I'm at a loss. And most importantly I have NO EARTHLY IDEA WHERE THESE MF'S are coming from but I am so irritated by them flying around me when I work, or sit on the couch and drink wine, or get ready in the bathroom. They don't seem to care for the vinegar traps – just me, my wine, light, and walls.

Killing them is one thing but I cannot find the source & I'm considering anything. Is it possible for them to blow in through the heating and air vents? Trickling in from gross neighbors?


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