Questions about my experience with a ‘Spirit Guide’

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me make sense of this experience.

I have always been really interested in spirit guides and I have always wanted to establish communication. I ask for guidance very frequently and I am aware of sings. For the last couple of years I have been seeing a lot of repeating 1's. I see them constantly. I have tried to meditate and get in contact with them but I have never been successful. It still doesn't stop me from talking to them every day…even if I don't get any other answers…I just always see the 1's.

So yesterday I decided to try a meditation that is supposed to help you meet your guides. For the past year I have been suffering from a lot of health related issues (I had COVID back in March of 2020 and I have never been the same since then). I must admit, I went into this meditation specifically to ask my guides for guidance regarding my health issues.

So in this guided meditation, you're so supposed to be in a beautiful garden, surrounded my flowers and nature…and there I was, waiting for my guide, sitting on a bench. Then I see her walking towards me. She is dressed in white and she's blonde. She has some kind of jewelry on her forehead…very pretty. She looks human, but her features are different too…like her upper lip was really pointy…I can't explain it. She's smiling at me and not saying anything.

All of a sudden she starts morphing and changing shape. She turns into a beautiful, huge, white bird. It was as big as a big penguin, but it's all white. The feathers are all white too and really big. So it was sort of like a penguin but with big wings that had feathers and could actually fly. Like a huge dove. It's hard to explain.

The bird then just sits next to me. It holds me on his chest…kind of like comforting me. I felt safe, and loved. I could feel the warmth of the birds skin and I was touching the feathers on his chest. I was talking about all the health issues and asking for help. The bird just looked at me, held me, but wouldn't talk or anything. Didn't really respond to any of my questions. Still I felt comforted and loved. I was crying…but felt good that I was being held.

Then I asked for it's name…and in my head, I heard the name Ariya.

After a few minutes, the bird opened his wings and flew away. It was an amazing and beautiful experience. I am soooo grateful for it! I do have some questions though.

Does anyone have any insight regarding this? Can a spirit guide morph into an animal? Is there a reason for the spirit guide not to respond to my questions? Was this really a spirit guide?

I was doing some research and came across a bird in Roman mythology called the Caladrius. It is a snow-white bird that lives in the 'king's' house. The Caladrius is supposed to be a 'healing' bird. It is said to be able to take the sickness into itself and then fly away, dispersing the sickness and healing both itself and the sick person.

Could this have anything to do with it? I am so confused.

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