Everything will be okay

About a week before covid shut downs, a close friend of mine took her own life. Everything during this time felt surreal. What was happening to the world? For a long time I convinced myself that my friend had moved out of the country and changed her name. Something I always could see her doing. But the reality has begun to set in, as I find myself going to call her or wanting to tell her certain things.

This last year, I told myself I “couldn’t find the time” to visit her gravesite. I wasn’t ready to admit it. About a month ago, a mutual friend reached out to me, she said she’d been wanting to visit and would love if we went together. On the way up, we stopped to grab some flowers. I had my heart on sunflowers because I knew she loved them so much. They didn’t have any so I anxiously walked around the section wondering which she would like. Disappointed in myself for not trying to find some sooner… this wasn’t how i pictured this going. I wasn’t going to go empty handed so i chose a particular set of daisies. They were the last of their kind.. and stood out from all of the rest.

As we got there, on her headstone next to her name was an engraved daisy, identical to the ones I had brought.

I’m not always looking for signs but this brought me an overwhelming amount of peace. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence.

I know how hard it can be to stay at peace. The mind loves to wander with ‘what ifs’ and doubts, anger, grief. For me, I’m having to constantly remind myself that those who have left us physically, will be there for us when it’s our own time to go home. They are always with us, watching over us, guiding us.. even if we can’t see them. I always like to read others stories like this to reaffirm my beliefs when my mind wanders.. so just wanted to share. Hoping this serves as a sign for you when you need it most. That even though we’ve lost someone, they are still with us every day. Sending us signs, reminding us that everything will be okay.

ALSO, It just so happened that our favorite show was The OA on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It was really underrated! I don’t know why it didn’t have a bigger following. We memorized the movements in it together one night at 2am – because that’s what 30s are for. This friend was also pretty spiritual in a subtle way. At the time, I wasn’t as much, I just loved it because it was entertaining and bizarre. But now after opening my eyes more, I appreciate the show even more on a spiritual level… NDEs, astral projection, parallel universes, inter-dimensional travel. Newfound appreciation. So ya’know just if you need a good binge! submitted by /u/mags22h [link] [comments]

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