Softer Side of Autumn – Rio Roses and Peach Ranunculus in a Dramatic Design Tutorial for Florists!

The Softer Side of Autumn – Rio Roses and Peach Ranunculus in a Dramatic Design tutorial for Florists! In this video Frank Blanchard AIFD builds an interesting structure of branches forming a horizontal bramble effect that dances above the container. Watch as he effortlessly adds textural foliage and beautiful flowers from Rio Roses to his dramatic design.

Materials Used: Crescent style container, dry foam, shish kebab skewers, 4” water tubes, Uglu dashes, Oasis bind wire, hot pan melt glue, Oasis barked wire, polished river stones, dried branches, ‘3D’ roses (Rio), peach ranunculus (Rio) scabiosa pods, Virginia sweetspire, English ivy, and Japanese maple.

Step 1: Prep water tubes by using Uglu dashes and bind wire to attach them to shish kebab skewers in two places on the tube. These will be the base of your armature supporting the branch bramble later. Stick them into the dry foam at various angles. Cut small sections of bind wire easily by winding it around your hand several times and then cutting allowing for multiple ties for the next step.

Step 2: Using the bind wire ties, attach branches to the tubes and skewers at various points until secure to create the horizontal bramble effect. Once you are satisfied with the result layer barked wire over the surface of the armature to help create movement and security.

Step 3: Pan glue the dry foam into your container and then cover the surface of the mechanics with polished river stones.

Step 4: Use test tube filler to fill up all your tubes with water. Insert long stems of English ivy. Next, add on textural elements such as the Virginia sweetspire and Japanese maple to the design.

Step 5: Complete your dramatic design with ‘3D’ roses and peach ranunculus (Rio) and some rustic scabiosa pods.

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