Garden Spiders (But way too many)

Hey Everyone,

We just moved into a new rental unit in Kingsville Victoria, Australia with a lovely yard for our dog, and lots of tall shrubs to block light and noise of the nearby road, and several long rows of lavender bushes.

We have lots of spiders in the yard. TONS. There are webs built across every shrub and plant, and the walkways outside. When cleared, the webs will reappear the next day. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't creating so much debris, and of course, it's not pleasant to be constantly walking through webs when going out the back door.

I've started pruning the shrubs close to the ground, to create some airflow and a space for me to clear debris from the base of the shrubs and perhaps improve the health of the soil in the planter beds, hoping I can clear some wet and messy pockets away. I've applied a spray of eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon oil to the shrubs and house siding etc outside but it doesn't seem to be deterring anyone. I also have been burning a citronella candle hoping that would help a bit, but it doesn't seem to be.

Does anyone have any tips? I was also thinking a birdbath might help bring in some birds to control the spider problem, but it might also just lead to mosquitoes. Is there a mulch or soil addition I can add to the planter beds to deter the spiders? I don't see signs of any other insects outside except the occasional fly. Any advice is welcomed, though I'd prefer not to apply any poisonous chemicals that could kill other beneficial species, or hurt our doggo. I'm a bit of a novice gardener, but have never had an issue with spiders like this before. I'm not sure what to do.

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