I hope it’s cool if I post this here: The color yellow has been a big thing in the past few years for me, my conscious spiritual years

I wouldn’t call this a rant, but it is long. Bless any of you that may read this

So for some background: I am a person interested in Chakras and does believe in them. I know yellow is for the Solar Plexus, and I have struggled there. I slowly am building myself up, it’s becoming full and healed.

Aside from that I also know yellow is supposed to be a happy color, joyous. But, yellow was actually very nauseating to me for a big part of my life. I was pushing away wearing much color, making any art with much color, etc. I thought black was the only thing to make me happy, but I was way off, though I still love black. For myself, I always thought it would make me stand out too much to wear a color like yellow, I did not have the confidence. I think a lot of me just was not open to that happiness that yellow stands for. Am I thinking to much about a color? Yes.

The thing is, I never had an attachment again, until I opened myself up to spirituality, all of my flaws, and all of my positive traits as well.

Anyhow…things that have meant a lot to me that are yellow: Since I was a kid I loved those buttercup flowers, more like weeds. They never bothered me. For some reason bees have never stung me. I guess because I don’t freak out around them, but I’ve still seen them sting people that were still.

Current yellow things that I’ve been connecting with, and happy about:

My favorite flower is a sunflower. People have told me that my aura involves yellow a fair amount, other colors as well, but yellow the most. Purple seems to be strong, as well as pink with my aura.

I knew a person that sees the words and colors that someone speaks- I forget what that is called. But I knew him in high school. He said he saw yellow for my speech. Spring is my favorite season, yellow reminds me of that. I also did not like many seasons previous to a few years ago. 2-3 years.

My grandma passed away this past August and she had dozens of rosaries. She loved Jesus. The one I was gifted was yellow, it was the one she held in the hospital. Sometimes I use it for meditation now. When family members pass, I’m often gifted pretty personal items, more so than my other family members and I’m not sure why. I was gifted my grandpas ashes. Only myself and my older cousin were. Why again? Idk. And the teddy bear that my other grandma held when she was ill was gifted to me.

And in general, being out in the sun and having that yellowish beam on me is something I love now. Again, I did not like yellow, that even means the suns rays. It made me feel weird. The sun can make me ill, I overheat easily.

I’m sure I forgot some other yellow things, but does anyone here have thoughts on colors that just seem to feel different to them? Which colors connect with you?

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