The way I dream has changed drastically. I started depression treatment almost a year ago. I assume these things are connected and am interested in your experiences.

I'm 25F and have depression for longer than I can remember. I'm sure that I already had issues as a teen in school but it's hard to say when it started.

At one point in my life I stopped dreaming/remembering my dreams completely. I never dreamed much but for some years there was almost nothing. My sleep was very bad in general.

I started taking antidepressants June last year (Venaflaxine, an SSRI. First 25mg, then 50mg, 75mg, 150mg) and while I experienced side effects in the beginning they helped me a lot.

Since 2 or 3 weeks I dream almost every night and my dreams are pretty long, complex and very clear (not lucid). Almost everything about them is unusual compared to the few dreams I had over the last years. They tended to not make much sense, wildly jumped between different situations and places and I barely remembered them after waking up.

My new dreams are pretty much the opposite. I remember only one of them being a nightmare, most of them revolve around something that happened irl – for example yesterday I was working in the garden for a few hours and talked with my dad about what new plants we want to buy. I dreamed that my grandfather (it used to be his garden) was showing around a random guy and explained what we planted while I was trimming bushes (with a scissor).

Since mental health and sleep are so closely connected I googled about depression, antidepressants and sleep and found some articles like this one where other patients report similar things.

"The dreams are wild and vivid. They feel real and when I wake up I can be a bit disorientated," […] But the SSRI dreams are more like films where there is loads going on and I can wake up tired after a big night."

"Like films" is really the best way to put it. Most of these articles also say that there is too little research regarding this phenomenon.

So I wanted to see if other people here have similar experiences and what you think about it? For me it's nice to dream again now and then but the density and intensity of these new dreams can be overwhelming. I downloaded a dream diary app today to monitor them and see if I can find a way to sleep a bit more peaceful again.

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