At the office, a lot of phorid flies, very annoying. Seeing a lot of them on the (20+) plants

I think they are phorid flies, but I cannot be 100% sure. They are small, do look like phorid flies on youtube, and they look mostly black. They also run around when they are not flying. Tried the vinegar trap thing, got none of them, so i think they are not fruit flies.

I have a colleague who found a new hobby, house plants. Since then, the fly problem is very bad. He has 20+ plants on my floor.

To give you an idea, I am clapping my hands 10+ times an hour, and if you do that for 8 hours you are getting annoyed a lot. My desk is in a corner and somehow it feels like I get "visits" from flies a lot more often than other people from the room. (we are 8 people here, other people agree that there's a lot of flies, but they don't seem to be affected that much)

When I go to check out the plants, and give the plant (bucket) a small kick, I can see these flies taking off, lots of them. Once I counted 20+ flies on the plant's soil moving around.

Bad part is that the plant guy doesn't care, doesn't admit that his plants are the issue.

Is there something that I could do? I think that the main issue is the soil, and I was wondering if there is a spray or something that I could spray on the plants and the soil, that is not harming his plants, and is really harming the flies. Any idea what type of spray should I look for? I am not in the US, so probably not going to be able to find specific brands of sprays, but if I am looking for something like this, what should the "ingredients" be?

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