Awakening / first spiritual dream

***long post alert*** Since I was young, I've always felt there must be more to life than this physical world and the restraints placed on us through organized religion. Growing up in a very strict Catholic household, questioning any beliefs or values was something I tried to avoid and brush aside, mainly because I was ridiculed and shamed for it. Although, I should mention that my grandmother practices botanica, rituals, and medium stuff (I don't know too much because my mom always got upset and avoided speaking about it). I remember my grandma telling me once that the gift runs in the family and I would experience it one day. My mother also has dreams and experiences but believes it strictly stems from praying to angels, saints, Virgin Mary, Jesus, and God, nothing else. Just a little background info.

Now that I have moved out, been maturing, and making better, healthier choices in my life, I've started experiencing my own spiritual awakening, mostly through dreams and synchronicities. It all started with a dream I had with a friend who passed away last year. Let's call him "Cool Uncle". That's what he reminded me of, and he had a big soft spot for my boyfriend and I. We were coworkers, and he had been in a work transition facility when we met. He was so excited to finally be a free man soon, to visit his daughters, and even got approved to be released early for good behavior. Sadly, he celebrated with the wrong crowd and passed away from an overdose the same day he became a free man. He was older, so muscular and tough looking but had the brightest blue eyes and a wonderful heart. I grieved his loss pretty heavily, but eventually was at peace with knowing he was in a better place, and would look up at the sky occasionally and say things like, "love you buddy, hope you're doing well" and such.

So, back to the dream. It started off as a strange reunion in one of my old childhood homes, with people from all different times in my life. Some family, some new and old long lost friends, and some people who have been influential in my growth, whether it be in a positive or negative way. I remember thinking how weird it was, but being aware it was a dream and just going with it. I had somebody with me the whole time that I would converse with and explain who these people were, but I cannot remember what that person looked like as much as I try. I have now come to believe that it was my Spirit Guide. So my SG and I decide to leave the party after some time, and SG tells me to get in the car, we're going for a ride. So off we go. The next thing I remember in the dream is looking around and seeing we were on a huge, long winding road, with nothing but plains and desert around us. But the most interesting part was that it looked like I was observing it from a perspective of being in a place between earth and space. Like, to my right I would see the beautiful sunset with a cotton candy/rainbow sky, and to my left I saw a stark contrast of dark night sky with so many bright stars, brighter than I've ever seen and expanding so far off. I just remember being in awe of how beautiful it was.

The next thing I remember is arriving to a mansion with a beautiful garden and fountain in the front, and a long staircase leading up to some columns and the front door. At the bottom of the stairs, we are greeted by someone who I assume is the owner/host of the home, and he thanks us for coming. I tell him how beautiful his home is and he tells me that he likes my dress. I look down and all of a sudden I'm wearing a beautiful, bright, flowing royal blue dress. I remember being so confused as to how I changed outfits but I loved it and I twirled it around and my SG and the owner were just laughing. I look up the stairs and notice that there are other people, not just us. Cool, another party. The host tells us to go ahead and join, so we start making our way up and as I'm going, I notice a guy that looks JUST LIKE Cool Uncle make eye contact with me and give a smile as he's walking down the stairs, but even in my dream I am aware that he hasn't been alive for almost a year now, so no way that it's him. So I walk past him continue on my way into the home, and as I look around I see people hanging out in what looks like a large room with music, all dressed up with drinks and food in their hands. As soon as my SG and I walk in, they all go silent and just watch us, some give small smiles, some just stare for a bit then go back to what they were doing. I start to feel a little uncomfortable and out of place, and then the host shows up next to us and suggests we go downstairs.

As soon as I arrive to the basement, I see so many kids running around and playing with each other, hear lots of laughter, and see some adults mixed in too. I scan the room and look over at a couch that is the same royal blue color as my dress. And guess who is sitting on it, smiling a huge smile, with his bright light blue eyes and waiting for me to make eye contact with him? It's the same guy as before, but this time I KNOW that it is Cool Uncle!! I felt such a rush of emotion, shock, and happiness all at once. He looked a little younger and less muscular, but it was definitely him! I start rushing towards him as he comes towards me, and I just remember us laughing and me asking "But HOWWW!!". We hugged, and he goes on to explain that as we are humans on earth, we are slowly dying every day, but once we actually die and cross over to the other side, we are slowly gaining life back. He told me that he had to take classes in a room all by himself (I was able to visualize it as he was explaining it, and I saw him sitting on a desk with no one else around, reading books and a huge chalkboard in the front of the room) and that he had finally passed his class. He then showed me what looked like an ID badge that was hanging around his neck and joked that he was now allowed to roam around more freely and do cool things like visit people.

I asked him if he was doing okay and happy, and he said yes. I also asked him if he could hear me when I talk and pray to him, and he smiled and said he could. At this point, everything around us has disappeared and it's just us, standing on white fluffiness, surrounded by a blue sky and surrounded by wispy white clouds. He has light radiating around him, and I can tell our time to hang out is almost over, so we hug one last time. He tells me that he misses us and we'll see him soon, and as we're hugging I take note of how warm and real the hug felt, just like it was my actual physical body experiencing it. Next thing I know, I'm awake and just taking everything I just experienced in. I bursted out into tears and told my bf all about it, and he recommended I write it all down so I never forget it.

This happened a year ago, and I still get very emotional recounting this. Since then I've had some more awesome, unexplainable experiences. Mostly including time and number synchronizations, butterflies and nature, and the most recent are two dreams concerning the Council of Elders or Masters, which I will hopefully post about soon. "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Brian Weiss and "Journey of Souls" by Micheal Newton have validated a lot of what I've experienced and always believed deep down, and I definitely recommend them for those who don't know where to start! I have become so much more at peace with myself and those around me, my anxiety has gotten so much better because I know that there is so much more to us than just this physical realm, and I know now that spreading Love and Kindness is the most important lesson we must learn. Life will never be perfect or super easy, but it just feels…better. Positive energy put out into the universe results in positive impact received back. Sorry for the super long post or any grammar mistakes, I just wanted to be as detailed as possible and save it for myself so I never forget. Thanks for making it this far, hope everyone has a beautiful day 🙂

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