Dealing With Dark Thoughts

Tomorrow morning, you’ll wake up and the first thing that comes into your mind is dark thoughts and you’ll tell yourself “how am I going to see the end of this day when I’m already struggling as soon as I wake up?”. What is this called? I know, you know, this is called suicidal thoughts. So, what can we do to overcome these dark thoughts? In my experience, in order to get these awful things out of your mind, you must stay busy as much as you can. Do something! The more you sit around doing nothing, the stronger your thoughts will be. Down below, I will list down different things you can do to get your mind off the negativity as much as possible. I care about you, I want you to live a healthy life with positive and happy thoughts and by following these little tips, it’s a good start. 🙂

Try using some self-harm coping techniques:

Grab yourself an ice cube from the freezer, hold it on your hand and focus on how it melts/how cold it feels. Take a nice, cold shower/bath Grab something you don’t need and tear it up into a million pieces

When these dark thoughts come back into your mind, look after your needs:

Write down how you’re feeling on a piece of paper/your own journal Grab a bite to eat Sit somewhere where you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed

Drink a cold glass of water

Go outside and grab some fresh air! How about a walk? Or even better, exercise!

Release some tension from your body – hit a pillow/punching bag

Sit out in the garden, do some gardening, water some plants!

Clean and tidy up your house

Draw, paint or colour

Start your very-own blog

Learn a brand new language

Redecorate your room

Cook or bake!

Read a book?

Watch some videos on YouTube?


When experiencing thoughts of suicide, it can be helpful to try and use distraction techniques as part of your plan to stay safe. Distractions can bring focus to something else which can help quieten those dark thoughts.

I hope this helps! Thank you. 🙂

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