Acquiring a $1.5M Business Using Only $10k with Nigel Guisinger & Sean Ade | BP Business 101

We buy and sell a lot of different assets like houses, stocks, and even bitcoin (sometimes). But what about buying and selling businesses? Business acquisitions can seem like an entirely different world, but they aren’t too different from the regular buying and selling of assets we do every day.

Today’s show features Nigel Guisinger, who you may remember from the wildly popular episode that aired almost exactly a year ago. Last time Nigel talked about buying businesses using seller financing, and now he’s brought a real-world example! With Nigel is his partner and mentee, Sean Ade.

Earlier in 2020, Sean was looking for a business he could buy and take over. Sean had been getting into house plants during the early COVID-19 lockdowns and looked to see if nurseries were worth buying. After sending some lackluster deals to his partner, Nigel, he was notified that a terrarium shop was closing. Sean consulted with the owner and sent the profit and loss statement to Nigel who confirmed that it was a winner

Sean and Nigel used some very creative financing to get a $1,500,000 business under contract for just $10,000 out of pocket. This episode isn’t just an eye-opener for those who overlook buying businesses as assets, but also for those who don’t know what’s possible in financing a business purchase!

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