I was followed out of Lowe’s only 30 minuets ago

I just found this sub because I needed to tell someone what happened and not be told “well what were you wearing, blah blah blah.”

For a bit of context, I have generalized anxiety disorder, so sorry if my responses seem a little extreme.

I was getting a pot for my new plants. Very excited. In Texas they lifted the mask mandate, so while in a line of about 10 people, I was trying to keep 6ft from the douche in front of me who wasn’t wearing a mask. Which for some reason made the guy behind me, bald, 5 10”-6ft, white, think that it was okay to stand right behind me. Not like “ew it’s corona season, 2ft too close.” No like I could feel the sensation on my back of someone being within a foot of me. At first I was thinking he’s trying to prove a point, brownie points for wearing the mask, but not gonna follow the 6ft difference.

I really don’t know how else I could have used my body language to say that he needs to back off.

I also felt like he was reading my texts. Bc I had a pot in my hand, I laid my phone on top to make it easier to text my boyfriend, we were talking about schools that have been emailing me and why (due to the state) I wouldn’t go there. I cracked a joke and I swear up and down dude behind me chuckled. Then he mumbled to himself?? It was creepy asf and very awkward… for me at least.

Thank goodness Lowe’s has those things on the ground bc when I got to it, dude had to stand on the other square to let ppl go by. That’s when I alerted my boyfriend to how I think this dude is reading my texts and standing right up on me. My bf obviously was angry and said to tell him to fuck off.

After I checked out. (Which I did really quickly.) I started racing out the door. Not more than 20 secs I called my boyfriend bc I didn’t want to feel completely alone in a dark parking lot. And my dumbass thought it would be a good idea to park on the far end from the door and more in the back. Uhg. He didn’t pick up, but I called my dad, who did. I told him I’m scared, he understood why. 20 seconds after that, I turn back and I see creepy ass himself. He crossed the cross walk and my heart beat went down a bit. I kept racing to my car though. Once I was within 10ft, I scanned the parking lot and omfg he was B lined straight towards me, cutting through the cars, straight straight ahead, only 20 ft away. I yelled on to the phone, “omf he’s right there, wtf.” I had my car already unlocked, and I thought I might just pass out before I got the door closed. I then pressed the lock button until it beeped. My step dad was saying “you got your keys??” almost as panicked as I was. I checked the rear view mirror and mf was gone. I looked back and no cars were even turning on. It was like he was a ghost who disappeared.

I don’t think I’ll ever park my car far back, go to a store after dark or avoid parking next to other cars again. I was completely alone out there. I never thought something scary would happen to me, but I’m so thankful my dad bought me pepper spray to keep in my car. I think I am going to buy one of those key chains made for self protection off that tiktok girl. Holy shit my fellow friends, please be safe out there.

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