Feeling better than ever and I know it’s money that does it

I've struggled with depression forever but was feeling ok when covid hit Massachusetts/the US a year ago. The first few months were rough as everything was uncertain but as I got unemployment and wasn't dying things became more stable . Fast forward a year and I haven't worked and thankfully had unemployment this whole time with nothing to spend it on I saved a lot. I'm 44 and my mom moved out of our apartment to her own apartment because I had enough money to pay the whole rent. My rent went from $395 to $817 a month which is fine. I redecorated and just feel a heaviness was lifted off me as my mom isn't here every day treating me as a child. I lost some weight. I've started dating a tad again. It all happened because of unemployment was stable and there's not much to spend it on. Has anyone just gotten more money, been able to live alone, bought some plants and felt totally better? Maybe it's being poor that was really the problem. The stress and living with people was money not any mental health issue. Possibly?

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